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Tax warehouse of pertoleum products

The distribution of petroleum products to our buyers are carried out from our tax warehouse.

Tax warehouse

Due to the growth of our clients we expanded our storages by a tax warehouse. The tax warehouse has the capacity of 2 400 000 litres. In the year 2010 we received a certificate for becoming a manufacturing plant. In other words we have a permission to making diesel with bio components in accordance with the state technical norms.


The distribution of petroleum products is achieved with the help of our partner company JOPI OIL and his car park, which consists of trucks like Volvo, MAN and Mercedes to name a few. The tanks are equipped with compensatory measurements (integrated electrical insulation rods).

JOPI ČS - Čerpacie stanice JOPI
JOPI OIL - Veľkoobchod a distribúcia PHM
JOPI TRADE - Daňový sklad PHM