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About us


JOPI TRADE is a slovak company with the headquarters in Vlčany. The main business activities consist of selling petrol products and their distribution.
Today the company has around 200 clients and distributes around 5 000 000 litres of diesel and 1 000 000 litres of petrol.

During its expansion the company reworked its whole infrastructure, which involves in renewing technical and material equipment and strengthening the cooperation between the biggest European manufacturers.


  • 28th of august 1995 – the founding of the company
  • Year 2008 – expansion of storage capacities by the tax warehouse of 1 200 000 liters for non-bio fuel, and 1 200 000 liters for biofuel. In the same year new gas stations were opened in Jahodná and Zlaté Klasy.
  • March 2009 – opening of the gas station in Lipovník
  • Year 2010 – the fourth gas station was acquired in Príbovce
  • Year 2012 – modernization of the car park
  • Year 2014 – the tax warehouse received the certificate for becoming a manufacturing company
  • Year 2016 - operation of gas stations passed to JOPI ČS s.r.o.

At present, an expansion of the tax warehouse is taking place for new storage capacities.

Quality politics

We are tirelessly working on improving our services provided and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Visions and goals

The primary goal of JOPI TRADE is to maintain a stable position on the market of petroleum products and to become the best supplier of high quality fuel for affordable prices.


JOPI ČS - Čerpacie stanice JOPI
JOPI OIL - Veľkoobchod a distribúcia PHM
JOPI TRADE - Daňový sklad PHM